Artist's Grid

Sketching made easy !

Draw reference grid lines in few easy steps

1. Import image and a computer generated well-formed grid is ready for use !

2. (Optional) Modify grid line count or colours

3. Share / Print the result. Done !

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App Features

Let us walk through the features of Artist's Grid

Get a Perfect Grid Right Away !

Import an image and you instantly get a grid with perfect square grid cells. Ofcourse, you can make changes to your likings !

Simple and Intuitive UI

Less is more ! Isn't it. We kept it simple, just to make Artist's Grid more friendly to use. We support dark theme too !

Your Artwork is Protected

We keep a copy of your image / artwork in the app's private memory so that you don't accidentally loose the processed artwork from your phone's photo gallery !

Totally Free

Artist's grid is totally free. And you know what is even more cool, it is ads free too !


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some commonly asked questions by our patrons !

  • What all does this app do ?

    Artist's Grid draws grid lines over your image. You can change the gap and color of these gridlines. You can share or print your final artwork.

  • Artist's Grid is currently available for Android based smartphones. Respecting the feedback of our user community, we are already developing the Artist's Grid app for iOS based smartphones (iPhones).

  • Artist's Grid is totally free. Also, we do not play ads in the app.

  • You can either change the thickness of your gridlines or select a contrast colour for your gridlines. Both these options are available when you tap on the imported image thumbnail and land on "Edit Grid" view of the app. You can also the switch on the "Show Diagonal Gridlines" option to make the grid more helpful.

  • On the "Edit Grid" view of the app, click on the "Grid" setting button. You will get options to change the row and column count to your liking. To keep the grid cell in square shape, we would recommend to change the grid's row or column count in proportion of the counts mentioned on the top of the "Grid" settings page. You can also the switch off the "Show Diagonal Gridlines" option to make the grid more airy.


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